Landscape's Imprint


Litvak Gallery announces collaboration with the “HaMizgaga Museum” and invites you to “Landscape's Imprint” – a dou exhibition by Peter Bremres and Jaromir Rybak

Opening reception March 24rd, 10:00 am at the HaMizgaga MuseumKibbutz Nahsholim, Israel


The Mizgaga museum is located in a 19th century stone building in the heart of Kibbutz Nahsholim, at the foot of Mt. Carmel, a short walking distance from the beautiful Dor beach. The impressive stone building was the former Mizgaga Glassworks Factory established in 1891 by Baron Rothschild to produce glass bottles for the Baron’s wine industry. 

HaMizgaga displays both the history of the glassworks factory; the story of the first industries in the early days of Zionism, and the important archeological artifacts unearthed in the Dor excavations, including unique glass items and the most antique mosaic in Israel.

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